Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of staying in corporate housing over staying in a hotel?

Corporate housing units are typically less expensive than hotels, certainly much more spacious and comfortable, and always much more like home with a fully equipped kitchen, relaxing seating areas, and a pleasant work space. Often you’ll also have a dedicated parking spot for easy access to your vehicle. Apartment communities in most cases will offer larger gyms, pools, and BBQ grilling areas. Think about the last time you stayed for an extended period of time in a hotel room, then make a mental comparison to the comforts of home you were lacking.

Are all your units furnished?

Yes. We offer three levels of furniture and housewares packages and can customize to meet your specific needs. Our customer care staff will work with you to make sure your housing meets your needs.

What if I need an apartment right now?

We nearly always have an available unit for 48-72 hours occupancy. And if we do not, we have a network of partners to draw from.

Do you provide housekeeping service?

Yes, if requested. Housekeeping is an additional option, not always included. We offer options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly housekeeping.

Do you have units equipped for the handicapped?

A percentage of our available units are equipped with handrails, large doorway openings, and other standard mobility assists for our handicapped clients. Handicapped access will be based on the inventory available at the time of your booking.

Are pets allowed in your units?

Some properties allow pets. We can negotiate that with you when you book with us. We will match you with a property that approves of your pet.

Can you bill my employer or my insurance company?

Yes. Either would require approval from the company being billed. We can also bill an individual directly. We accept all forms of payment.

I don’t plan to have a car during my stay. How can you accommodate my needs?

 Each property in our portfolio has a “walkscore.” A property with a walkscore of 50 or higher is considered fairly walkable. The higher the score, the more likely you can walk to most everything. When you and our customer care staff discuss your needs, you can let us know your transportation needs. We can recommend your options for transportation from your arriving airport, walking distances from your apartment to restaurants and services, and public transportation alternatives. We know our communities well and can help you get around nicely.

Speaking of activities, do you provide a guide to the city?

Yes. Your move-in packet will include a list of the Top Ten activities as well as local eateries that we personally recommend.

What is the minimum lease term in days?

Currently the minimum stay is 30 days.

Will I be occupying an apartment, a condominium or a house?

That’s an excellent question as each has different requirements. Work with our customer care staff so that you know exactly what type of unit you are leasing and what’s involved. Currently, the majority of our properties are apartment communities. Please let us know if your need require other options.

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