AccessCH News- 2 December 2020
A friend of ours recently asked whether there is a demand today for short-term corporate housing, with so many employees working from home. It was a good question, and it demonstrated his concern for our corporate housing business, our personal livelihood. We decided to post our answer in our Access Corporate Housing news.

We are writing this in early December of 2020, during the height of a global pandemic which has changed the working habits of thousands, and dramatically re-written the rules of how and where people work. For many home-based workers, the opportunity to work from home provided a huge sense of relief, with the knowledge they are among the fortunate ones who remain employed. Not everyone is that lucky. Whew!

Within a matter of time, though, some home-based “offices” proved to be unworkable, with preschoolers being their normal active selves, school-aged children vying for bandwidth and an adequate space to do their schooling online, and family members chided for walking through the Zoom camera at just the worst moment!

The Solution? Short-Term Corporate Housing

The solution for families is short-term housing for the employee. Executives and upper management are beginning to requisition their employers for corporate housing for one or both parents through the duration of the pandemic. Seems pricey, you say? In most cases, the cost to the employer is highly justified by the increase in productivity and professionalism for the employee. We recently got word of one executive who packs her lunch every morning at home, heads for her temporary apartment, and occasionally works into the evening and sometimes overnights there.

What About Medical Personnel?

Other workers who are using the short-term rental solution during these times are medical workers, nurses, physicians, and essential hospital staff, shielding their families by separating themselves from their homes. Above all, these professionals know the necessity of living apart. A short-term apartment with dedicated laundry facilities in the unit allows the health worker to start each day refreshed and ready to take care of their patients and do the monumental work of caring for others.

We Are Ready To Help

It’s a good thing the short-term housing market was already in place, fully functional, when the unique needs of the virtual worker arose in 2020. Those of us in this business are ready for you, ready to help you stay productive, balanced, and well. Let us know how we can serve you. We hope you liked this post about “When Working At Home Isn’t Working”.