Transform your short-term stay into a homey haven with our curated list of 10 Ideas to make your short-term stay feel more like home. From personalized touches to cozy comforts, create a welcoming space that truly embraces you.

AccessCH News – 15 January 2022

Whether you will be staying in a corporate apartment for one month or several months, there are many things you can do to make your surroundings seem cozy and more like home, without a lot of effort or expense. Here are some tips for you.

Before you leave home

Ask yourself, “What are a few of my favorite things?” (other than cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudel). Or ask, “What are my favorite daily rituals?” Some suggestions for you to consider:

1) Pack your favorite beverage mug

The one you use every day at home for coffee or tea (or adult beverage). Tuck it between layers in your luggage.

2) Bring your own pillow

We’re more intimate with our bed pillow than with any other object at home. Bring it along. Your pillow is the number one item to ensure you sleep well, even more important than the comfort of the bed itself. If you plan to arrive by air, check with your airline. Some airlines count a pillow as one of your carry on items. According to the TSA, a bed pillow is not a security risk.

3) Pack a couple of framed pictures

Photos of family and of fun times with friends, to be placed by your bed, your workspace or where you will sit to eat. Not all temporary housing providers allow pets (we do under most circumstances) so if you can’t bring your pet, at least bring a photo of your furry friend.

4) How about an eye mask and ear plugs

In case your new place isn’t as pitch dark or silent as home, ear plugs and an eye mask can help. And on the other side of the coin, if the sound of a train reminds you fondly of home, let your rental agent know to locate you within earshot of one. Check out this eye mask with Bluetooth capability. Fall asleep to your favorite music!

5) Say yes to the travel alarm

If you have one you normally use at home, pack it and bring it with you. Even though our units come furnished with an alarm clock in the bedrooms, you’ll feel more confident with your trusted one from home.

6) Don’t forget to pack your favorite slippers!

Once you’ve arrived

7) Unpack completely

And stow your luggage where you won’t see it every day.

8) Buy a small living plant

You don’t need to spend a lot on this; you’ll leave the plant behind for the housekeeper who might really appreciate it. Succulents are small and not expensive. When you arrive and get settled in, order one to be delivered. Or make it a plant you need to water at least every other day. This will lend a rhythm to your daily life, just like at home. Another option – buy yourself some fresh flowers every couple of weeks. Even if they’re from the supermarket – flowers and plants are therapeutic.

9) Change your default delivery address

If you are a frequent user of online shopping sites, or if you receive medical prescriptions via mail, temporarily change your default delivery address. Change it back when you get back home. Let your building’s manager know about orders arriving. It is so easy when confirming your purchase to breeze right by the delivery address. Don’t let that happen to you. Whatever you forgot to bring to your unit, you can order delivered to you.

10) Stock your refrigerator and pantry with the beverages and snacks you enjoy when home

It is likely that the same things you like to eat and drink when at home are available in your temporary location. But if not, there’s always online ordering and delivery.