Unlock a haven of comfort for Traveling Nurses – where every stay feels like coming home. Discover why Traveling Nurses Love Corporate Housing, your ideal sanctuary on the road.

AccessCH News – 1 January 2021

Over the years, hospitals have consistently used traveling nurses (and doctors too), and now this practice is prevalent more than ever before. Traveling nurses are playing an essential role by filling the demand as hotspots pop up across the United States. An independent travel nurse marketplace showed the significant demand for ICU nurses especially. Why do these medical heroes prefer corporate housing? The most obvious is the combination of convenience and economy. But there are many other, not so obvious, reasons, that traveling nurses love Access Corporate Housing.

No long term lease

Traveling medical personnel don’t always know exactly how long their assignment will be. Sometimes it’s very short – a matter of a couple of months. Not having to sign a long term lease takes the pressure off the tenant. (Our minimum lease is 30 days.)

No broker fees

And this is important for teams of nurses who often take traveling assignments together. Based on credit and background checks, we could ask for a security deposit, refundable after stay.

Easy daily access to washer and dryer

Scrubs go right into the washing machine when returning to the apartment.

Pets are often allowed

Many locations allow pets (ours do – with a pet deposit refundable after stay) and you know there’s nothing like having your loving, furry friend great you after a long shift taking care of patients. Some corporate housing includes pet parks and pet grooming areas.

Fully equipped kitchens

Medical staff hours are 24/7. Shifts are often random. When the nurse or doctor returns to their apartment, it might be two o’clock in the morning. Try getting room service or food delivered at that time if you’re in a hotel. Kitchens in corporate housing are fully furnished. The tenant can whip up or re-heat a meal regardless of the hour of the day.

Always much more like home

No hotel room can feel like home. Sure, a suite style hotel might seem more homey, but it will never ever be furnished or equipped like a corporate housing unit. Find comfort and calm after a strenuous day.

Separate bedrooms for team members

Traveling nurses often arrive to their new assignment in teams. These friendships are forged so tightly that they only accept assignments that allow them to remain together.