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AccessCH News – 14 December 2020

People who use Corporate Housing aren’t necessarily corporate employees needing short-term accommodations. Anyone in transition, such as someone who has sold their residence and is waiting to move into their new place could benefit from Corporate Housing. You might think of these transitional people as the “temporarily homeless.”

Here’s a true story. A few years ago, a couple who are now good friends of ours sold their home in another state, put all their belongings in storage, and figured they needed at least three months in their new location to find and purchase a home. They knew they needed to fully explore their new city, find and work with a realtor, settle on a new home to purchase, and close on their home purchase. Unaware of Corporate Housing, this couple missed out on the ideal furnished housing solution between selling and buying a home. Instead, they settled for a three-month lease (fortunately, they found one!) on an unfurnished apartment. They went on to rent furniture, purchase housewares and linens, and occupied the unit during the process of closing on a new residence.

Time to time

Getting the unit ready for occupancy took them several shopping days which they had to supplement with a couple nights in a hotel. What a pain. The days when they should have been househunting were interrupted waiting for the cable guy, the furniture delivery, and shopping for basic items. They ended up disposing of all the housewares they had to buy to make their temporary apartment semi-livable. When we became friends with this couple through golf, they did the head-slap thing when they realized how much easier it would have been to use Corporate Housing instead. Easier and probably a wash in terms of cost.

Access Corporate Housing’s headquarters area was recently named as one of the top ten places to live in the entire United States. This designation, along with the increased ability for more people to work from home, explains the enormous surge of newcomers and the home construction boom here. Many of the people relocating here have already sold their home elsewhere, stored all their belongings, and are in limbo while their new home is being built. Most of the inquiries our firm is receiving are in the category of these “temporarily homeless.” These are single people, couples and families, all of whom need:

  • A comfortable place,
  • Habitable, and
  • Viable during your transition.

This allows your pet to be comfortable too! They have discovered that corporate housing is the solution. And we are here to help. And our units are pet-friendly.

P.S. You know who else uses Corporate Housing? People doing major home remodeling. A home remodel is incredibly disruptive and can take months. We’ll write a post about later. We hope that our post on “Between Moving Out And Moving In?” has been useful to you.

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